August Gains for Staffing

If you are in the staffing world you know how difficult this time has been. Between shutdowns, quarantines and the need for vigilant safety procedures, all our jobs got a lot more complicated. The good news is week to week staffing employment growth has been steady all through August. According to the American Staffing Association- staffing jobs were down 21.1% from the same week in 2019, that sounds discouraging, but it is the smallest year to year gap since March. That is progress, and the trend seems to be indicating that that gap will continue to recede. In fact, 46% of staffing companies reported gains in new assignments week to week.

This movement forward could mean that we are finally beginning to see the tide turn for the better. With many companies now having had time to perfect and implement COVID safety procedures, and COVID testing becoming more rapid and available, perhaps we can finally say that we have found some sure footing during this new “normal”. As those of us in staffing look for new ways and places to find motivated workers, we are given the chance to refine our recruitment skills and get creative. As they say- We do not grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges. 

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